Sue Wiegand


As a librarian, my scholarly interest is in Scholarly Communication; as a Periodicals Librarian who also does library instruction, I see that students are confused about how information and research results are created, disseminated, and preserved, and how that is changing. I want them to understand and participate. One way I've found to contextualize how that happens is to use Scholarly Communications through the ages (aka Great Moments in Scholarly Communication) as an overarching pedagogical theme--when we "stand on the shoulders of giants", what does that mean? If you come to a party already in progress, how do you join in the conversation? Here is my usual brief bio: Sue Wiegand is the Periodicals Librarian at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, where she enjoys being in charge of periodicals in all formats, including acquiring them, arranging access, cataloging, teaching about finding them, and helping students make sense of them.